Outworkers in Textiles in 1845 -9

Below is a list of outworkers from Bairstows Mill in Sutton-in-Craven, only approximately 2 miles east of Cowling parish. Cowling parish outworkers are highlighted in bold. An outworker was someone who worked for the business as a contractor or employee, working from home or in a workshop space away from the main business.

Sutton-in-Craven Parish Councils website History section states that:

The Bairstow family owned mills in the village from 1809, first a corn mill then in 1838 Sutton Mills, founded by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Matthew Bairstow. At this time a steam engine was installed which generated 7 h.p. in addition to the 40 h p. produced by the water wheel.

We cannot find a reference to say whether Bairstows were spinning or weaving at this time. The fact that they were employing outworkers points to the mill being a spinning mill and the outworkers doing the weaving. The Census of of 1841 and 1851 shows many handloom weavers in Cowling. This data shows that some of those handloom workers were not only working for manufacturers in Cowling parish (see Early Mills and Workshops article). These outworkers would have been handloom workers who were given the spun thread to weave and would then be paid when they returned the completed piece of cloth. Bairstows were worsted manufacturers, so we can presume that is the cloth being woven by the outworkers. Worsted yarns are long and smooth and give a smooth or fluffy finished product.

We have included all the outworkers to show how many were needed to support a spinning mill and how many village’s populations were included. Some of these were more than five miles from the mill.

Two place names will need an explanation. New Road Side was the name for the infant village of Cowling which was just growing along the new road (now Keighley Road/Colne Road) built after an 1809 act of parliament as a turnpike road. Cornshaw (pronounced Conrnshu) was and still is the local word for Ickornshaw.

The image with this article is the earliest we have of Middleton Street. In the 1841 census almost all the population of the hamlet, half a mile to the north west of Cowling village, were involved in handloom weaving and associated processes. Many of the houses were interconnected, probably to pass yarns and cloth between houses for different processes without taking it out into inclement weather. At this time, according to the 1841 census, it also had a manufacturer living there and at least one textile workshop.

The question marks in the record are questions from the person who typed the data from the original written record. The writing was probably unclear.

We thank Paul Longbottom, fellow local historian, of Sutton-in-Craven, for the Bairstows outworker records.

T &M Bairstow Outworkers Records (137)
John BaileyEarby
Christopher BaileyLothersdale
Adam BriggCrosshills
John BriggCowling Lane Ends
Henry BrownEarby
William Brown
John BoocockGlusburn
Richard BroughtonThornton
Henry BaileyCrosshills
James BowkerCononley Moor
William BroughtonThornton
James BriggEarby
William BaileyEarby
Tempest Bailey(Ick)Cornshaw
James Brigg
John BroughtonEarby
Hartley Barritt (?)Houshaws Bar ?
William BaileyKellbrook
William BracewellKellbrook
Thomas BerryHoushaws Bar ?
Amos BarrittSutton Mill
Hartley BarnardHollin Racks Howshaws Bar
Edmund Brown
Nathan Binns
Mary SugdenSteeton
William EmmottCowling New Road
Henry KingLothersdale
Betty GreenwoodThornton
William JacksonGlusburn
Robert HudsonGlusburn
Joshua SmithSutton
James WallbankGlusburn
John KirkEarby
Matthew GreenGlusburn
James ThompsonSutton Mill
William Slater (sen)Earby
Jane ShackletonEarby
Thomas Holgate WindleEarby
Robert PeelCononley
Edmund LundEarby
Richard LundEarby
George RobinsonThornton
Joseph WhiteoakEarby Hill Top
David SingletonEarby
Henry NutterEarby
John KenyonCononley
John HartleyLothersdale
James ParkerKelbrook
John SmithGlusburn Green
William ShawsEarby
William SmithGlusburn (late of Earby)
Henry RobinsonThornton
Hartley WilkinsonEarby
William HeatonGlusburn
John HeatonGlusburn
John SmithEarby
William DuxberryEarby
Richard RobinsonThornton
John ThistlewaiteThornton
Robert KirkEarby
Robert WhitakerThornton
Thomas HeatonGlusburn
John CatonLothersdale
George SmithEarby
Richard WindleEarby
John Rediough (sen)Earby
William GreenwoodGlusburn
James MitchellThornton
John SnowdenCowling Hill
Thomas SmithThornton
John ShackletonCrosshills
Thomas GreenwoodGlusburn
Hannah WilkinsonEarby
Abraham Lund(Ick)Cornshaw
John WindleEarby
Greenwood HartleyEarby
Robert DentEarby
William WilkinsonEarby
Richard RileySutton
Thomas LeeEarby
Richard SmithEarby
George ChesterThornton
James WhitakerEarby
Joseph HeyMiddleton
James SnowdenMiddleton
Henry HudsonSutton
Benjamin HoldsworthEarby
Richard OgdenGlusburn Moor
John GreenwoodGlusburn
John Rediough (jun)Earby
Richard WilkinsonEarby Moor Side
George CowgillEarby
Richard SmithMiddleton
William BrownSurgill
Henry HoldsworthEarby
Mark GreenEarby
Robert HolgateEarby
Peter SmithSutton
Thomas WatsonEarby
Robert SmithLothersdale
John WatsonGlusburn
William SmithCrosshills
James SmithEarby
John SmithThornton
Joseph HolgateCrosshills
John SmithEarby
Richard HoldsworthEarby
John SlaterEarby
William WindleEarby
Christopher HartleyEarby
George MitchellThornton
Samuel CravenGlusburn
Peter SmithLothersdale
Joseph TempestCononley Moor
William ConyerCononley Moor
Elijah HarrisonEarby
John WhiteoakLothersdale
James GreenwoodLothersdale
James CrowtherEarby
William Starkie(Ick)Cornshaw
William HarrisonEarby
James CowgillEarby
William Smith (sen)Earby
John HarkerSutton Mill
Phineas P BaxandaleSutton
Ralph ThornberHolling Root Sutton
William HoldsworthEarby
John WilkinsonEarby
Jonas CowgillLong Hill End Cowling
John ShuttleworthLothersdale
John SmithMiddleton
Stephen ArcherCononley
John KeighleyLothersdale
Benjamin ShuttleworthCowling Hill
George LaycockGlusburn
David ShackletonBeck Foot Cowling
Elijah ShackletonBeck Foot Cowling
William CowgillGill Top Cowling
John TownGlusburn Green
Martin GreenGlusburn Green
Maria NixonLong House (Sutton ?)
Thomas TownGlusburn
Richard RileyGlusburn
William SpencerLong House (Sutton ?)
Stephen HargreavesLong House Sutton
Robert SmithLothersdale
William Smith(Ick)Cornshaw
Joseph Smith(Ick)Cornshaw
Peter ShuttleworthCononley
Sarah ShuttleworthLothersdale
John WatsonEarby
John EdmondsonMiddleton
William NixonLong House
Joseph Hartley(Dairy?) Daviy House Cowling
William CrabtreeLanshaw Bridge
John SmithSutton
Edmund SharpWest Field Cowling
Henry HartleyKellbrook
Phillip MawsonCarlton
John Hargreaves(Ick)Cornshaw
James WilkinsonHoushaws Bar ?
William WilkinsonLothersdale
James WilsonHoushaws Bar ?
Thomas SmithLothersdale
William WaltonLothersdale
Joseph CowgillEarby
Henry WhitakerCowling
Robert Clough
Henry RushtonLothersdale
Ralph ThornberSteeton
John HolgateEarby
John WilsonShay Head
Alexander WilkinsonHowshaw Bar
William HartleyHowshaw Bar
George ProctorHowshaw Bar
Isaac NixonAyden
Nathan BinnsSandyforth Cowling
Thomas SwireLathe ? Syke Shay Head
John WhittamBlack Lane End
Thomas WhittamShay Head
Nichols SmithMiddleton?
Onesimus WaltonKelbrook
John WalbankHarden
Ellis GreenShay Head
Jude CrabtreeShay Head
Edmund BrownSpin House
James EmmottStony Head Cowling
Valentine SmithWest Field Cowling
William WindleCarlton
James GoddardSutton
Edmund HargreavesCowling Hill
Benjamin TaylorShay Head
John Bailey(Ick)Cornshaw
Benjamin CrabtreeWine Wall??
Thomas HickeringillSurgill Cowling
James ShackletonCowling Hill
Thomas SwireLothersdale
Peter Watson ?New Road Side Cowling
Henery SwireLothersdale
Alice SmithSutton
James BrownHowshaw Bar
John & Henry BerryHowshaw Bar
William Ralison ??Thornton
William SmithEarby Lane End
Robert SmithStubbing Cowling
Christopher BensonGill Top Cowling
Thomas BinnsHawes Cowling
James HartleyHawes Cowling
John WatsonKelbrook
John BinnsCowling Hill
John ProctorSalt Py? Lothersdale
Joseph MetcalfEarby
James SnowdenNew Road Side Cowling
William ClarkCrosshills
Mark SmithShay Head
Hartley WatsonLanshaw Bridge
Isaac Brown?? Hill
William TaylorShay Head
Thomas DuxberyEarby
Edward FosterCarlton
William WhittamShay Head
Mark WhittamShay Head
John ShawShay Head
William WallbankShay Head
George SharpLothersdale
William WilkinsonStone Head Cowling
John SmithLothersdale
William SlaterHarden & Howshaw Bar
Isaac MasonCononley
Danniel BinnsCowling