Bawsedge Farm Documents and Lots More

Our work in May had to be changed, due to an unforeseen unavailability of several members with computers, for different very valid reasons. We therefore could not continue our WW1 studies, but were able to spend a further session researching Bawsdege Farm documents from the 17th to 20th century mentioned last month. These indentures, maps and certificates are on loan from the Wilson family. They provide an insight into the dealing of the owners and their associates.

We should thank Joan Tindale, for the loan of a Bar Chapel accounts book so that we could copy it for our archives.

Communications were received from relatives of past Ickornshaw residents researching family history.

There was news of the group gaining easier access to online data for our WW1 project.

It was also agreed to change where the group kept its funds to a more local, mutual financial institution, so that we could support a smaller, local, membership driven business, rather than a national, profit for shareholders based one.