Knoll Hill Visit, Pen & Ink Drawings.

Our last summer outside meeting was on an unusually dry evening in August. The Riley family of Knoll Hill were extremely good hosts, allowing us to park vehicles so that we could see the quarry from the footpath that is adjacent to it. It was a lovely social occasion. We’d hoped to go to Hanging Stone Quarry at Earl’s Crag but ran out of time.

We have received from Donna Peters (Laycock of Gill Bottom Mill descendent), artist from USA some pen & ink drawings done on her recent visit to our area. Our featured artwork is her drawing of the gate and steps at Wood House.

Our WW1 book is now going to be ready for editing in October.

Further graphs of jobs 1841 – 1901 were viewed at the September meeting. These will soon feature on our website.

Members also gave descriptions to the many textile jobs listed in these graphs.

Finally at the meeting a member entertained the group with a brief history of hauliers and carters.