Enclosure Act Date, First Member’s Talk

The June meeting was outside, at Ridge Mill Bridge and area. This was mainly to look at how the course of Ickornshaw Beck had changed since the days of the Ridge Mill and therefore the possibilities for the mill site.

In June two members visited Bradford Record Office and took photographs of several old documents for research purposes. We also found out from Skipton Library that the enclosure act for this area was in 1774. A Wainman Estate book of maps, at BRA, dated 1772, showed that much of the area was already enclosed.

We thank Joan Tindale and Dorothy Holmes for adding to our information on Early Mill and Workshops and Edna Smith for more resources re Jim Wood of Middleton.

Our WW1 book of our research for Cowling should be ready by September.  At the July meeting members had a first viewing of some graphs showing changes in jobs in the parish between 1841 and 1901. Our trip to Bradford Industrial Museum has now been planned for August. Our first member’s short talk was a great success. A new member showed lots of old photographs, so that more senior members could add information about them.

Next month’s meeting is another outside one studying quarries.

The artwork featured is from the work of Daniel Binns, Cowling Artist of 20th century.