Early Textile Information Needed

At our May meeting members heard about the progress made in compiling a book of our WW1 research, which will go to local schools, library and be available in our archive.

Member’s monthly short talk subjects and dates were agreed and organised.

Information on early mills and workshops pre 1850, compiled so far was presented and discussed. Following on from this if anyone has any information about any of the following we would love to hear from them:

1.William Smith (Willie o’ Potts) – early 19th century textile manufacturer and Middleton grocer.                                                                                       2. Royd Mill – a commencement date,                                                   3. Weaving shops at Cowling Hill, Gill Bottom, Middleton and Flood Root (Binnie Driver).             4. 1841 manufacturers:                                John Watson of Old Carhead,                                             Benjamin Lambert of Gill Top, rope maker at Gill Bottom,                   William Watson of Middleton, later of Ickornshaw Mill                 George Overton of new Road Side.

Please email via our website or phone 01535 637352.

The featured picture is part of the old Lumb Mill water wheel.