Tow’d Pinnacle – Poem by Jacob Rigg, Keighley

It wor nobbud a pile a stones

Built on a jutting rock;

It faced all weathers around,

And stood rude nature’s shock.

T’owd Pinnacle!

A landmark true and bold,

You couldn’t miss if you tried;

Whativver happened below

It nivver turned aside –

T’Owd Pinnacle!

It dates fra sturdy Cromwell’s time,**

A cenotaph of war;

A son of noble birth had died,

And grief and trouble reared.

T’Owd Pinnacle!

But all us fowk i’t’valley,

At sees it ivvery day;

We think no more about it:

We know its come to stay –

T’Owd Pinnacle!

But if ya hev to leave it

An seek your fortune far,

It sticks inside your memory,

A steady guiding star –

T’Owd Pinnacle!

It seems ta talk o’t times at’s past,

An them ye’ll see no more.

An maks a mist come ta your e’e,

For all at’s gone afore –

T’Owd Pinnacle!

It’s a rocky owd corner at best;

A tumult of nature fer sure;

When storm clouds and thunders prevail

Ya think of its awsomeness more –

T’Owd Pinnacle!

But in all t’ wide vally of Aire,

Wi monny a lofty scar,

Few scenes are so pleasant and fair


By Jacob Rigg, Keighley. **See article Wainman’s Pinnacle – Why and When it was built.