Yorkshire Day Talk to Lothersdale over 50’s

On Yorkshire Day, August 1st, three group members entertained Lothersdale over5o’s at their fortnightly session.

To celebrate the day there was a music hall song “My Girl’s a Yorkshire Girl to start with and  Yorkshire dialect poetry to put a smile on faces at the end.

The other proceedings were more serious. As we’ve been researching WW1 casualties stories in Cowling, to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1, we thought it fitting to do the same for Lothersdale. The scene was set with facts about home life in 1918. We then detailed the lives and military service of four casualties with interesting and different stories from varying levels of society, complete with some unique photographs.

The penultimate item told the tale of mining exploration on Svalbard , a Norwegian Arctic island, at the beginning of the 20th century. In this tale of adventure four Lothersdale miners were employed do dig a seam of copper. Unfortunately there was not a happy ending of untold riches. The seam was much smaller than expected and the men returned home, but with wonderful polar (bear) tales to tell of their own.

Members who were unable to be in Lothersdale were given their own showing on our meeting night.