Mill Fire family in USA, Baptists own Chapel Land and WW1 Research

Much happened in May and June, to be reported to members in early July.

An email from a USA member of the Laycock family aroused much interest. John had emigrated with his wife and thirteen children in the late 19th century from Bradford, after his mill had burnt down. However before this, in 1870 he’s lived at Gill Top, Cowling, had rented Gill Bottom Mill, which had also burnt down. No wonder he went to the new world! Ex member, local family historian Joan Tindale is now dealing with this query. Other family history communications were also discussed.

Moonrakers were able to help, with the aid of David Gulliver, local historian of Cononley, ascertain that the Baptists at Cowling Hill owned the land that the chapel was built on, following a transfer of ownership from the Wainman family in the 19th century. This was reported to the parties involved.

The initial research of six Cowling WW1 casualties has been completed by a member. Some members are researching a few Lothersdale WW1 casualties for our talk to Lothersdale Over 55s on August 1st (Yorkshire Day), 2.00pm, Lothersdale village hall. Easier access to online military records has been purchased for these projects. Members viewed three different websites that were commonly used in this research.

Finally, the new privacy laws affect even small group like ours. A policy is being worked on and members signed permission for their data to be held and used securely.