Wesleyans and Methodists

The original Chapel was founded in 1830 by three local Preachers with the first services being held in what was the disused Baptist Chapel in Middleton and what is now known as Chapel House, Gill Lane, Middleton.

A larger place of worship was erected in 1832 and because of its proximity to the old Toll Bar House on the Keighley to Colne turnpike road was commonly referred to as “the Bar Chapel” or “Ickornshaw Bar Chapel”

Home of the Wesleyans and free Methodists for nearly fifty years, it was outgrown by the congregation and the building of a new chapel was planned on a site next to the old “Bar Chapel”. Opened on the 14th October 1882, and known as the United Methodist Church, it has seating for 750, with 300 children attending its Sunday School, separate premises were erected for this in 1886-7. Further expansion and conversions took place in 1907, with a Primary Department, and 1921 with rooms for mid-week activities.

The late 1950`s saw a diminishing congregation and the escalation of repairs and maintenance costs. On the 29th of November 1964 a service was held to commemorate the ending of worship at the United Methodist Church which was later demolished to be replaced by a small housing development known as Pinnacle View.

The remaining congregation joined that at the small Walton Street Church in the Village and a new building was erected on the site and opened in 1965, to be known as what is today St. Andrew’s Methodist Church.

The burial ground , on the site of the original Bar Chapel was extended in the 1930`s and to accommodate the modern trend of cremation a garden of rest was created in 1960 for the scattering of ashes. Later a tabling was erected for the fixing of Memorial Plaques.

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