A Cancelled Meeting, WW1, Documents and a Chapel Notebook

Our March meeting was cancelled due to the Beast from the East making it unsafe to travel!

We therefore commenced out WW1 studies in April. Members in pairs and groups began researching initially six casualties. We are attempting to build a rounded picture of their lives in the parish before the war and then their wartime service and death. This work will eventually lead to a talk and possibly written evidence. Unfortunately we will not have time to do this for all casualties. We will, where possible, gain family consent before any publication or talk. This research will be ongoing for several months.

In addition a second meeting was held to research Bawsedge Farm documents from 17th to 2oth century, including different forms of indenture, maps and certificates, on loan from the Wilson family. These are a glimpse into the past on one of our older farms.

Finally thanks go to Edna Smith for the donation of a very interesting note book from the nineteenth century which gives an insight into the education work going on at the first Bar Chapel.