Ickornshaw’s Historic Buildings Viewed

Much of October meeting was taken up viewing photos of Ickornshaw’s historic buildings for our archive and gallery. Items of particular interest were the old bake house at the bottom and to the rear of Nan Scar and the steps down to where clothes were washed in the beck, opposite Starkey Heaton Farm. If anyone has more information on any of the old buildings in Ickornshaw please get in touch. Why and when Wainman’s Pinnacle was built on Earl’s Crag was another item discussed. We will say more on this matter next month. Finally the topics for November and December were agreed. November’s topic is the recording the 3 ancient manor boundaries and stones from July’s talk. In December we will add to the old routes in the parish that feature in the book ‘Cowling, A Moorland Parish’ 1980.

Enhanced picture donated by Jack heap
Ickornshaw Watercolour by Alec Snowden C1940’s, copied by permission of Mr Jack Heap