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Items below are in the Moonrakers Archives. These are stored on behalf of the parishioners of Cowling Civil Parish, to keep them within the parish.

Items can be ordered to look at during one of our meetings. Items can also be borrowed for a short period at a meeting, with prior arrangement. This may incur a charge.

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Moonrakers Dennis Harker Memorial Archive 2016 – Items in this archive were left to us in the will of our former member Dennis Harker. Dennis spent many hours producing these resources. It was a labour of love in his retirement. Cowling Local History lovers are indebted to him. They are in the general list but labelled MDHMA2016

Items marked * are kept separate for easy access.


Alehouse, Disorderly 1615

Alfred Teal’s Note Book (poet, writer)


Bancroft Isaac  – Auction at the premises of, at Fair Place

Bar Chapel – Centenary & Jubilee Handbook x2

Bar Chapel & Drama newspaper cuttings

Bar Chapel Article in United Methodist Journal 21/5/1908

Bar Chapel Choir c1905 – photo

Large Methodist Chapel
Bar Chapel where Pinnacle View stands now.

Benson’s Herbert & Sons – Poultry Specialists – Catalogue

Benson’s of Hey Farm & Shay Bank Chicken Hatchery brochure  + Printing Blocks *

Benson’s old egg box, cuboid shape, 15 egg*

Baby Chicks Sexing by Masui & Hasimoto– book used in poultry industry

Benson’s – miscellaneous x2

Binns Mill Print – DW Hoyle

Binns’ Mill Centenary Book (copy)

Binns Mill Spindle x3 *

Boundary Stones near Lancashire Border; – Development of Cowling.

Bridges. 4 typed sheets.

Brigg H & Brigg W – invoices

Broughton Hall – Poachers at – Craven Herald 1974, Anne Akeroyd 2001


Carr Head Estate Dispersal Plan 1923

Carr Head Estate For sale by Auction 1923

Carr Head Estate For sale by Auction 1923 Lots –description, size.

Carr Head Estate Auction 1923 – lots 1, 3, 4,5,6,7.8

Carr Head Estate bills

Carr Head Estate Sale Book

Carr Head Estate. The Late E.R.B. Hall Watt

Carr Head Estate Tenants And Rents

Carr Head, Whitsuntide Rental 1911.

Census for Cowling 1841 MDHMA2016 MDHMA2016*

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016– 2 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1851 MDHMA2016 *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016– 2 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1861 MDHMA2016 *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016– 2 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1871 MDHMA2016 *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA20162- 2 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1881 MDHMA2016  *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016– 2 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1891 MDHMA2016 *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016– 3 vol.*

Census for Cowling 1901 MDHMA2016 *

“        “       “          “    Index of types of work MDHMA2016 – 3 vol*

Clog – from Mill Pond, Ickornshaw Mill (Found by Adrian Green C2010) *

Conservative Ass. 1938 – 78 ,  + Ladies 1971-79 – Minutes of meetings (2)

Constables 1851, includes Cowling

Co-op invoices from various suppliers, 2 divi sheets 1954, Feedstuff Invoice Book Aug-Oct 1946

Coronation Souvenir Fest. Prog Cowling 1937, George VI

Cowling Hill Chapel

Cudgel used at Broughton Hall Estate Affray donated by DW Hoyle 2008 *




Emmott, Conveyance

Evacuee, World War Two



Farms and Halls written Card Index x2 + typed transcription by D Harker (2016)

Farms – Misc. Envelope

Fire Brigade, Proposed for Cowling

First Bus in Yorkshire booklet – Philip Lingard (2 copies)

Football Club 1949-

Football Club Accounts 1949-57

Funeral Service Cards



Gill Top shop with signs outside (picture)

Gill Top shop

Gott and Watson Family newspaper cuttings, 1st half 20thC.



Hartley’s Mill Wages Book 1913-1918 (John Hartley’s Cowling)

History – General & Political, news cuttings & typed sheets – Everett Binns

History of village – Bright Laycock x 2

History of village – Burgin (South Craven School 1970’s) x 2 + Mrs Mason (3)

History of village by David Ware Hoyle

History of Cowling 1800 – 2000 Thru Lives & Times of Children – Youth Club

History of village (church clock fitting)

History of village 1885-1985

Holy Trinity Parish Church – Picture, Holy Communion Prep & Companion Mrs J Lowcock, 1903

Clock Workings – mechanism explained

Hutchinson Fold Farm 1699

Hutchinson of Lane Ends (Deeds) (2)

Hoyle David (Joiner, artist, cricketer, dialect storyteller, parish councillor)



Ickornshaw  & Stott Hill Moor x 2

Ickornshaw Brid

Ickornshaw Chapel House

Ickornshaw Demolition

Ickornshaw Freeholders Ass. Minutes 1981-85, Files & Notes 1981-5, Ring binder A4 notes

Ickornshaw Meth. Church – Chior Festival/Anniversary programme 1971- 85 (9)

Ickornshaw Meth. Ch. History – 1876-1976 – J Hargreaves (2)Ickornshaw Moor Freeholders.  Old Records.

Ickornshaw Mill Christening of an engine

Ickornshaw Mill Fires 1884 & 1910

Ickornshaw Mill Plan 1791

Ickornshaw Mill Closure

Ickornshaw Mill ‘Bill to regulate the Labour of Children in Mills and Factories

Ickornshaw Mill Fire

Ickornshaw –  General views of

Ickornshaw Mills  – Picture

Ickornshaw Mill  – Details of buildings and history

Ickornshaw Mill x1

Ickornshaw Mill Photographs

Ickornshaw Mill…Conditions of work

Ickornshaw Mill (larger) (5)

Ickornshaw Moor Documents x 2

Ickornshaw Moor File – A3

Ickornshaw Moor Legal Judgement 1981 – copies

Ickornshaw Wesleyan School-room – Bazaar flyer 1886 + 2 copies

Indenture 1765 letter of admin (copy)



Jonas Bradley


K, L

Laycocks Fields from North End Garage –pictorial transformation MDHMA2016

Lighting /gas supplies – Street

Light Plans – gas to electric x 12




Magazine – village, The Cowling Pinnacle Magazine – July –Dec 1988 issue 1-6

Maps Becks of Cowling

Map Bus Shelters, etc

Map and info. Dairy House and Stott Fold 1787

Map of Carr Head Estate 1923 x3

Map- Carr Head Estate 1923 – hand drawn

Maps Cowling 1675

Map Cowling Hill 1846, drawn & Information

Maps, drawn  of Gamsgill Lands 1846 with info. re 18/19th C owners and fields.

Maps Cowling, Gamsgill and Old Yorkshire

Map – copy, of fields between Ickornshaw Moss &  Lothersdale Boundary

Map – Farms with field numbers based on 1846 OS, William Sewell

Maps 3 Footpaths Definitive

Map Footpaths1910 x 2 (1*)

Map Footpaths 1910 unofficial

Maps Gamsgill Sale 1895 and old Yorkshire1846

Maps Ickornshaw Mill

Map Ickornshaw Mill and plan for

Maps Lothersdale

Maps (including ) Lothersdale Parish

Maps Middleton etc

Maps New Road Side plus Sutton and Steeton 1934-38

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1848 MDHMA2016

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1892 MDHMA2016

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1894 central MDHMA2016

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1894 east MDHMA2016

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1894 west MDHMA2016

Maps Ordnance Survey Cowling 1910 small MDHMA2016

Map Ordnance Survey Cowling 1971

Map  – Railway Colne Cowling Addingham x2 Proposed

Maps Recreational Ground and plans for

Map  Tithe map 1846 and Parish Church Records

Map  Tithe Cowling 1846 several copies

Maps Various in A4 folder

Map Water Company 1939 Reservoir and Plant

Map drawn, Winkholme, 1846 with info. William Sewell

Map York to Lancs1675 by John Ogleby

Map Yorkshire – Lancashire Old Road, Turnpike

Methodist Church 1946 (2), 1965 (2), 1985 (2)

Monumental Inscriptions St Andrew’s Kildwick Vol 1&2

Moss House and demolitions

Middleton Miscellaneous

Mill Croft Houses Planning documents (2)

Mill Croft from Croft Mill MDHMA2016



Naturalists Annual General Meetings 1914- 1926, Cards 1915-28

News Cuttings 1927

Newspaper –Craven Herald Centenary Supplement 1874-1974

Newspaper Cuttings – H W Dickie – Late 19th C.

Newspaper Cuttings –  Poachers at Broughton Hall and Craven Monument of Mystery (copies)

Newspaper Cuttings – Carl Ramsbottom 1979-81, 81-83, 11.3.1983- 2.08. 1985-87, 1987-88, 1988-9

News Cuttings – Joan Tindale



Off Licence Dispute 1963

Old Original Documents – Copies – very old

Old Sawmill Planning Statement

Overseers of the Poor, Paupers Apprentices info


P, Q

P C Documents + Treasurer’s Account Book 1894-1946

PC – Minute Excerpts – Misc. Subjects X2

PC – photo with names 1920’s

PC – Recreation Ground  Account Book x 2 – 1919-1962 & 1962-1985

PC – B Snowdwn’s Christmas Gift 1937 – Name Tickets

Photographs of Old Cowling MDHMA2016 – 2 vols.

Pickup Israel – Cricket Club 1921/23, WW ll

Plan Sewerage, proposed 1923 to link Middleton, Ickornshaw & Garden Terrace MDHMA2016

Plan (Cowling) Water Company Mains 1884 MDHMA2016

Public Health



Railway Plans – originals

Railway Plans and Information – various

Recreation Ground – War Memorial, Plan of Recreation Ground, Tennis Club, etc

Reedshaw Moss coal – 2 photocopied sheets from book

Register of Baptisms Parish of Cowling 1845 – 2007 MDHMA2016*

Register of Burials Parish of Cowling 1845 – 1891, 1891 – 1953 (2 copies) MDHMA2016*

Register of Marriages Parish of Cowling 1845 – 1948 MDHMA 2016*

Roads in Cowling – Talk 1977 to History Group, with Drawn Maps

Royd Mill to Royd Court – a pictorial transformation MDHMA2016

Rycroft Charity Book 1875 – 1978




Sewage Pipe plan Cowling – Silsden

School Log Book for 1892 – 1901 + census for 1901 MDHMA2016*

School photos (various)

Schools in Cowling



Sports field legacy

Snowden (Philip Viscount)

Snowden Philip MP – newspaper cuttings, etc

Snowden Philip – photo, with letter dated 1976

Shops and Businesses in Cowling.

Shooting  Rights.(Ickornshaw Moor)

Sports and Games.

Souvenir Festival Programme Silver Jubilee 1935 George V

Souvenir Festival Programme Coronation George Vl

Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee Ink stamp



Tennis Club Minutes 1925/6

Tennis courts 1925.

Tithes 1846 (46 sheets )

Tithes Draft (for use with tithe map)

The Tillotson Family and Neighbours – Book by D Gulliver

Town End Farms 1787 field names and sizes x 2 (1*)

Tuddywark Corner.


U, V

Village Hall History 1885-1985

Village Hall documents

Village Hall Minutes 1956-1980



Wainman – 2 photocopied sheets of letter – 18th C

Wainmans & Carr Head – Info by William Sewell

Walling & Drains Costs 1842-43

Water Company – Articles of Association

Water Company Balance Sheets 1932-1954

Watson and Gott Family newspaper cuttings 1st half 20thC.(Stored under G)

Weavers Web  The –  book byJ Keighley Snowden

Winkholme Bridge picture – copy

Winkholme Photographs

Wood Jim accounts 1872- 1955, plus diary cycling holiday 1899

WW11 Parish Council and associated documents

WW1 War Relief Book

WW1 War Relief Book – copy transcribed by D Harker (2014)

Workhouse in Cowling




Yorkshire Bank – closure of and miscellaneous.




The initial sorting and indexing of the above archives was carried out by all the members present at meetings.